Giving Back

Giving Back

Angel Mutoni

Since 2009 Crown Weddings has been sponsoring a beautiful little girl, Angel Mutoni through the Children’s Heritage Foundation based here in San Diego. A small amount of money each month helps to pay for Angels education, school meals and uniform.

I first saw Angels face on a big “adoption” display board with lots of other little faces.. her beautiful eyes caught my attention and I didnt look anywhere else and picked her on the spot. Upon reading more about her I realized my instincts had been spot on. Angel wants to become a nurse. “My mother is a nurse.  She likes to sit properly like a little lady” (sounds like good English manners to me  LOL) Her favorite subject is English too.. Upon writing to Angel I found out she has the same birthday as me…wow.. meant to be !

I am happy to support Children’s Heritage Foundation.

100 Friends

Every time you book a wedding with Crown Weddings a percentage of your fee goes to charitable projects that are close to our heart. For several years we have teamed up with our great friend Marc Gold. Marc set up and we are so excited to announce that our first “Crown”school has been built in conduction with 100 Friends just outside Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. We have also built a number of libraries in Tibet and a small community center in Burma in 2015. Our 2016 project will be our second child to have life saving heart surgery from Hanoi in Vietnam.

Heres how he began 100 friends..
In 1989, when (Marc Gold) visited India for the first time he met a Tibetan woman in the Himalayas who had terrible ear infections, and  was able save her life with antibiotics that cost about $1.00. For another $30 he purchased a hearing aid that restored her hearing. He was shocked to learn that something so important could be accomplished with so little.

He began raising money among his friends and from as little as $1 or as much they were able to donate. In 1992, he traveled to India with over $2,200 in donations, with the goal of distributing it as directly and intelligently as possible. The rest, as they say, is history and over $565,000 has been raised single handedly by Marc.

I am honored to know this amazing man and very proud to be his friend.

Please feel free to check out his website to see the amazing work he is doing.
He proves that even a small amount of money can make a big change in someones life.